A Brush of Wings by Karen Kingsbury

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I have been a Karen Kingsbury fan for years and this book is just another reason why. I have enjoyed reading the Angels Walking series and am very sad to see it go. In this final book, there is so much emotion, danger and spiritual warfare. I think we often go through life and forget about spiritual warfare and how real it is. As Christians we need to be ready to battle on a daily basis and this was a great reminder.
I am so glad the familiar Angels were chosen for this mission. So many parts of the book I enjoyed but cannot say because it will spoil it! There were times I was so angry with Mary Catherine that I could have screamed for keeping her illness a secret. But I understood her desire to live life and go to Uganda. I wonder if I were dealt with that situation if I would have the courage to live life like she did!
I highly recommend this book to all. Make sure you read the first two books in the series as it is important to know the background of these characters. I was happy to see what was happening with Tyler and Sami and Marcus as well. The only kind bad part was that it ended!! I just want to continue to read about these characters and what is happening in their lives. Thank you Karen for another beautifully written story!