A Day in the Life of Eve Castleberry

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Happy Wednesday friends! Today you are getting a sneak peek at Gail Pallotta’s new book, Hair Calamities and Hot Cash! Eve Castleberry has graciously offered to share a say in her life with us before the book comes out. Yay!!


Hair Calamities and Hot Cash



New York stockbroker Philip Wells crashes his rental car into Eve Castleberry’s beauty shop in Triville, North Carolina. On the same day the young widow’s defective hair products cause wild hairdos. Philip’s attracted to the distraught top-notch hairstylist and asks her out. She starts dating him, but stops because she falls too hard for a wayfarer who’ll leave and break her heart. When there’s another catastrophe in the shop, Philip comes to Eve’s rescue and convinces her to go out as friends. Later he solicits her help to find the thieves who stole his client’s cash. Then they trail two of the FBI’s most-wanted criminals. Romance blossoms amid danger, suspense and Eve’s hair-brained plan to get back the money.






A Day in the Life of Eve Castleberry, Hairstylist Extraordinaire and Lonely Widow


Eve dressed in a black skirt and white jacket before she headed across the front yard to Eve’s Clips. Her late husband, Jordan, added the beauty shop to the house after they married. Most women met widowhood much older than Eve. She was only thirty-four when Jordan was killed by a drunk driver. She opened the door, switched on the light, and glanced at the mirrors she and Jordan had hung. It seemed only yesterday.

Joyce Westmoreland, her first customer, entered. “Hi, Joyce.”

“Good morning.” The blonde’s cheerful voice filled the room as Eve patted the seat in front of the shampoo bowl.

As Joyce plopped down Eve stared at the conditioner bottle on the shelf above the chair. That  no-good salesman Durbin Brown still hadn’t called on her.

Eve finished washing Joyce’s hair, picked up the conditioner, and shook the container trying to release a few drops as Durbin entered. “It’s empty. Where have you been?” Her aggravation filtered into her voice.

He handed her a new product. “Here ya’ go.” His blasé attitude came through.

All of a sudden the building shook.

“Quick, under the vanity,” Eve called out.

Joyce hurried to safety, but Eve had to drag Durbin, his black boots scraping across the laminate floor.

A loud crash blasted into the room and sheetrock dust flew. When it finally settled, Eve, Joyce and Durbin crawled out. The front of a blue car stuck in the window of Eve’s shop. In minutes a handsome man got out of the vehicle. He walked inside, apologized, and introduced himself as Philip Wells, a stockbroker from New York. Then he plopped down at Eve’s desk to call his client, a tow truck and the insurance adjuster.

Eve would have to cancel her appointments for who knew how long. Her nerves shifted into high gear as Joyce moved to the shampoo bowl and laid back her head for Eve to finish her hairdo. When Eve applied the new conditioner, suds overflowed and bubbled onto the floor. Before she could stop Philip, he mopped and nearly ruined his expensive clothes. The wreck and faulty product sent the day into a tailspin, but at the end of it Philip insisted he take Eve to dinner.

She’d never dated anyone but Jordan, but she liked the idea of not eating alone, and Philip sent a tingle up her spine she hadn’t experienced since Joran died. She said “yes” and Philip left. Eve switched off the light in her hum-drum shop where nothing except hairdos ever happened until today then headed to the house to change clothes.

Little did she know she’d set off another string of problems, more frustration, difficulties and down-right danger, but that was for another day.





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