Bible Talk With Jessica – Weekend (Day 84 & 85)

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Welcome to Bible Talk with Jessica! The Israelites continue to take over the lands promised to them, and we read about which tribes gain which territories. It kind of makes you want to grab a map doesn’t it?

Let’s get started!

Please note – I am not a pastor. I have had no bible training, gone to bible school, or anything like that. I do not consider myself a bible scholar at all. I am just someone who loves the Lord, loves reading the bible, and would love to talk with others about it. This is a place for me to do that. We may not agree on everything I post. I ask that all comments remain polite, and honoring to the Lord. I am just here sharing what the Lord lays on my heart, what I’ve learned, and what jumps out at me as I read. I hope you’ll join me in reading your bible as well and share what you’ve learned!

Scripture Reading for Today

Joshua 10:1 – 15:19

Verse of the Day

And the LORD delivered them into the hand of Israel, who smote them, and chased them unto great Zidon, and unto Misrephothmaim, and unto the valley of Mizpeh eastward; and they smote them, until they left them none remaining.

joshua 11:8

Bible Talk

I like the first part of this verse – “And the Lord delivered them into the hand of Israel”. The Israelites would not have been able to defeat anyone if it had not been for the Lord. And while the bible doesn’t state that after each battle they praised the Lord, I hope that is what they did. I hope they recognized that it was the Lord that allowed them to fight that battle and not their own doing.

It leads me to today’s point – do we thank God for the battles He fights for us? Do we even recognize that our battles are fought by Him? Or do we think that everything we do is based on our own abilities?

I think there are times when I recognize the Lord and times when I don’t. We all like to be told we’re doing a good job, or we’re talented, or it took a lot of strength and courage to get through something. I remember when my husband was really sick before his transplant. It was a few years before we got the transplant, and even then the first one didn’t work. He got a second transplant and there were complications for months after that. People kept telling me I was so strong during that time. My response was always – I was just doing what I needed to do. A few times I credited the Lord, but certainly not as often as I should have. The truth is, I was a total wreck during those years. I was sad, hurt, angry, frustrated, and even tired of our circumstances. But I put on a brave face and kept going. I wasn’t as close to the Lord back then as I am today, and looking back, I can see clearly the mistakes I made. But even so, He is the one who got me through that time. He is the one who gave me strength. He is the one who gave me the ability to endure each hospital stay, each time I had to be caretaker, each time my husband woke up and didn’t even know who I was. God got me through that, and I’m so thankful for it.

Friends we have a lot going on in our lives. Illnesses, diseases, financial struggles, life struggles, and so much more. But God will help us through these times. God will fight these battles for us and with us. I pray that you are able to recognize that, and give the Lord the credit He deserves. I know it’s something I need to improve on for sure.

What did you learn from today’s reading?