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Today’s questions is –  What is the most incredible experience you’ve ever had?

This is such a tough question to answer because multiple things come to mind.

Being saved.

Getting married.

Having our daughter.


And so many more. I can’t just choose one as the most incredible. So instead I’ll just pick one that’s in the top ten and go with it 🙂

Have you heard the expression that Disney is the happiest place on earth? I think it really is.

We went there on a family vacation when my daughter was four. Unfortunately she only remembers bits and pieces of it, but I remember all of it like it was yesterday. We had SO much fun, and everyone was so pleasant. Seriously, the workers there must take some pretty amazing customer service classes because they were simply the best. I remember telling my husband daily that I wish my coworkers were like that, and I still do to this day.

The entire week was like a dream. We were happy. Even when it was pouring rain and we had to head back to the hotel for the afternoon, we were happy. The weather was beautiful (well other than that one afternoon). We went in May before it gets too hot in Florida. Plus, since it was during the regular school season, it wasn’t as busy as it would be during peak vacation times. We stayed at the cheapest hotel, and had to be on the bus for quite awhile before arriving at the parks each day, but we didn’t care. We took in the beauty around us. We talked to other passengers. My daughter even met a girl her age and they enjoyed playing together (we have a picture of them together which is so cute).

Seeing the light in my daughter’s eyes as she met the princesses that she adored was priceless. Even seeing her expression when she met characters she was scared of was priceless. That’s where mom and dad stepped in, acted goofy, and showed her that there was no reason to be scared whatsoever. You see that’s the thing – when you are around literally no one you know, and you won’t ever see those people again, you act goofy without caring. You let your guard down, and just have fun.

Looking back, I can apply so many things from this trip to my life today.

  • Just have fun. Who cares if you act a little goofy in the process.
  • Don’t sweat the small stuff. Just roll it off your shoulders and be happy.
  • Be happy in spite of your circumstances. Going to Disney shouldn’t be the only time I’m happy in my life. What a horrible life that would be.
  • Family is important and forever. Worries, bills, and troubles will come and go. But enjoy your family as much as you can every day. Don’t wait until vacation time. It may not come! (which by the way our family hasn’t been on a vacation in a few years because of finances, so I can attest to that!)
  • Your home should be the happiest place on earth. Yes Disney was happy. I’d love to go back one day, especially because my daughter can remember it. I mean, she’s 18 now so we won’t get the same light in her eye lol, but it’ll still be magical. But it shouldn’t be more magical then our home. Our home should be a place of safety, happiness, love, and adventure.

Being on vacation at Disney with my family was one of the most incredible things I’ve ever experienced. Not the most – no that would be salvation, marriage, and the birth of our daughter. But it’s not too far after that. Why? Because we were together, making memories. Memories that I love to look back on.

What about you? What’s the most incredible experience you’ve ever had?

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