The Forgotten Recipe by Amy Clipston Bonus

I’m reposting a review I did back in January of this awesome book. Why you ask? Well it just so happens that Amy is running a contest right now. If she gets 100 NEW subscribers to her Website she will unlock bonus material from this book. So make sure you sign up today!! Sign up at! My […]

The Steeplechase by Carrie Fancett Pagels

About the Book Martha Osborne fears for her six-year-old brother, who was shuffled off to boarding school when his British mother departed to England.  Set in Hampton Roads, Virginia, in the build-up to the War of 1812, expert rider Martha plans to substitute for her older brother in a “race to the steeple” to win […]

Wisdom to Know by Elizabeth Maddrey

About the Book Is there sin that love can’t cover?  Lydia Brown has taken just about every wrong turn she could find. When an abortion leaves her overwhelmed by guilt, she turns to drugs to escape her pain. After a single car accident lands her in the hospital facing DUI charges, Lydia is forced to […]

A Bond of the Heart by Lee Tobin McClain

My Review I love reading the Sacred Bond series by Lee. She does such a wonderful job of bringing two characters together that don’t seem like the right fit, but by the end fit like a perfect puzzle. I enjoyed reading the newest installment just as much as the others.  My heart went out to […]

Loving a Lawman by Amy Lillard

 My Review Overall I thought this was a great love story. It did take me about a chapter or two to get into the storyline, however once I reached that point I was hooked. I couldn’t wait to see how the storyline of Seth and Jessie was going to play out and how Chase would […]

Deep Shadows by Vannetta Chapman

About the Book Life in Abney, Texas, is predictable and safe–until the night a massive solar flare wipes out all modern technology. Shelby Sparks, novelist and single mom, had one goal: to provide for her diabetic son. In the wake of this global disaster, her mission hasn’t changed. Only now, medication is a priceless commodity […]