Blueberry Cupcake Mystery

I enjoyed reading the first installment of the Amish Sweet Shop Mysteries and am excited to read the next installments! The Blueberry Cupcake Mystery is a clean read that tells a story of forgiveness and helping others. It was a good example of how we should act as Christians! Poor Katie. My heart went out […]

The Crux of Honor by Paula Mowery

My Review This was a cute and easy read – read it in one day! The storyline moved along at the right speed for a shorter novel, and I loved how the author went a few years down the road in the epilogue so that you were not left guessing what happened to the characters. […]

Caroline’s Secret by Amy Lillard

My Review I always love a good Amish love story, especially when characters have something from their past that is holding them back from pursuing a relationship. Caroline’s character grabbed my attention from the very beginning. Here is this young lady who had a child on her own, left the life she knew and traveled […]

First Comes Love by Emily Giffin

I enjoyed how Emily chose to go back in forth in POV’s between Josie and Meredith, especially because they were complete opposites. I think when together they balanced each other out. Fought like crazy, but what sisters don’t! I also liked the relationship between Gabe and Josie. Best friends living together of the opposite sex […]

Barely Above Water by Gail Pallotta

This story held a lot of information about a disease I am unfamiliar with. I appreciated the time the author must have spent researching this disease to make the symptoms the character dealt with come to life. My heart went out to Suzie as she dealt with the pain, inability to eat things she wanted […]

Traces of Guilt by Dee Henderson

I truly enjoyed reading this exciting mystery! When I first started reading the story I was worried that it would concentrate too much on the relationships and possible romantic stories, but it did not. While it touched slightly on them, the true focus of the storyline was the cold cases the team was working on. […]