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Happy Tuesday reader friends and welcome to another Top Ten Tuesday hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl! Today’s topic is Favorite Book Quotes. I sat long and hard thinking about this, and the bottom line is, there is no way I can only come up with ten to be my favorites. So instead, I am going to make a game. Because games are fun, right?! I’m going to post quotes and authors, and you have to match them up. Let’s see how good you do!!



Quote           Author
“God loves justice. Even more than you do. Trust that.”


          Amanda Barratt
“Let us be instruments of grace in the lives of others for as long as we’re able.”


          Kristy Cambron
“It’s not a thing to be gambled. Life isn’t a game of chance, where everything lost can someday be regained. One slip, and that’s it.


          Jen Turano
“People often assume things about others, and more often than not, they are wrong.”


          Jocelyn Green
“I pray that one day we will seek one another for our hearts and not our origins.”


          Pepper Basham
“Fractured glass stole no beauty from the forgotten place; it meant life had happened there.”


          Emily Conrad
“If anyone has been a prisoner, it’s been me,” he said softly. “From the moment I laid eyes on you, you have held me captive.”


          Angie Dicken
“Matter of the heart, dear, rarely wait for an appropriate time to strike.”


          Toni Shiloh
“You can love anyone, but the right person, the one you want to marry, will make you love them even when they’re irritating you beyond belief.”


          Jody Hedlund
“Heaven help me, you taste like Christmas!”


          Chautona Havig


I’m excited to see how you all do. How well do you know your Christian fiction? Feel free to post answers in the comments!!

3 responses to “Top Ten Tuesday – Book Quotes

  1. Oh my goodness! How fun! These quotes are excellent! Thanks so much for including a quote from mine–which shall go unnamed as I feel like that would be a giveaway 😉

  2. Paula

    Some of this is totally guessing.
    1. EmilyConrad
    2. Jocelyn Green
    3. Amanda Barratt
    4. Toni Shiloh
    5. Angie Dicken
    6. Kristy Cambron
    7. Jody Hedlund
    8. Jen Turano
    9. Chautona Havig
    10. Pepper Basham

    Happy Reading!

  3. oh how fun!

    totally had to guess on a couple of these….

    1. Emily Conrad (God loves justice)
    2. Jocelyn Green (instruments of grace)
    3. Amanda Barratt (not a thing to be gambled)
    4. Toni Shiloh (often assume)
    5. Angie Dicken (heart, not origins)
    6. Kristy Cambron (fractured glass)
    7. Jody Hedlund (you have held me captive)
    8. Jen Turano (matters of the heart)
    9. Chautona Havig (you can love anyone)
    10. Pepper Basham (this one nearly stumped me LOL) 😉