Top Ten Tuesday – Valentine’s Edition

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Hello my reader friends. Welcome to Top Ten Tuesday, hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl. Today’s topic is a Valentine’s/Love freebie. I thought about different posts I could do – books about love, favorite couples, all that fun stuff. But I knew most of my blogging friends would probably go in that same direction, so I decided to be different. Shocking I know lol. Today’s edition of TTT is going to feature 10 Valentine’s Gifts for the Bookworm in your life. πŸ’œπŸ’œ And if you still haven’t bought something…..many of these would make great last minute gifts!!

Bookish Gift Card

For those of you who would be uncomfortable picking out a book for your loved one, or don’t have a bookstore that’s nearby, there’s nothing wrong with a bookish gift card! It could be for Amazon, their favorite book store, Barnes and Noble, or whatever. Then they can pick out whatever book they would like.


This one seems kind of obvious, but I also know it can be intimidating. Maybe you don’t know what kind of books your loved one would like. Ask their friends. Search their shelves for different authors they like and order a book they don’t have yet. See if there’s a special edition of a book they really love available. Or just browse the bookstore and find something you think they would like. My husband actually did that for Christmas years ago. He bought me three books he just thought I would like. Turns out, they sparked my love for Christian fiction and I’ve never looked back.

Bookstore Trip

So many different ways you could do this. Take them as a surprise and say they can buy _x_ number of books. Tell them they have five minutes to grab as many books as they can (this could be costly if they are fast lol!). Just go and spend time in the store looking at different books together. Bookworms just love bookstores, even if they don’t buy anything (which I think is never). Just spending time together in one of their favorite places will be good enough for them.

Tickets to a Reader Retreat/Event

There are so many different reader events these days and I think it’s awesome!!! Most of them sell tickets online and well in advance, so why not search the web for that event they cannot stop talking about and just buy the tickets! I mean, if my husband happened to get me tickets to Fiction Readers Summit near Baker Book House in May, I would be in heaven. Wink, wink.

TBR Blind Date

This one involves a little work, but I think it could be so fun. So I’ve seen all over Tiktok and Instagram where readers have wrapped the books on their TBR shelf, label them with a number, and then pick a random number out of a jar and read the corresponding book. I love that idea, and I bet the bookworm in your life would too. Now, I’m not saying you have to wrap all the books – in my house there is not enough wrapping paper and it would take forever. But, maybe pick like five and wrap them up. And tell your bookworm why you did it, because you want to see them read all those books they haven’t had a chance to yet. It’s cost effective, fun, and romantic.

A New Bookshelf

If you have the time, resources and such, what bookworm wouldn’t want a new bookshelf? I mean, enough said. Hehe.

Coupons Good for Reading Time

One thing a bookworm will often say is that there is not enough time for reading. You’ve heard of coupon books for parents or loved ones, filled with coupons of value. Could be a hug, a night out, making dinner, whatever. Well why not a coupon book full of coupons for free reading time? They could be for thirty minutes, an hour, whatever you want. Just make sure when the bookworm is ready to cash in these coupons, there are no protests! 😜

A Bookish Item

I use tons of bookish items as I am reading. Book cozies, pens, sticky notes, flags, a book journal, and so much more. If you really know the bookworm in your life, you can easily figure out what they use the most. Or, if they have enough of that stuff, buy a cool bookish item. Bookish candles, ornaments, decorations, stickers. The sky is the limit here my friends.

Comfy Blanket

In the winter, you won’t see me reading without a comfy blanket. There are lots of beautiful bookish blankets out there you could buy. Or you can keep it simple and just get a soft, comfy regular blanket. I don’t think they will care either way, they will just love the fact that they have something warm to snuggle up with while they are reading.

An Afternoon/Evening of Reading

This is kinda like the coupon thing, except you’ll do it today, or this week at least. Tell the bookworm in your life they can have a whole afternoon or evening of reading time. You’ll cook dinner, clean, take care of the kids, or whatever needs to be done around the house. They can just sit there and enjoy their book. Trust me when I say every bookworm wants this. It’s what dreams are made of. πŸ’œ

So what about you? What kinds of bookish gifts would you like for Valentine’s Day? Share in the comments!