A Day in the Life of Isla Flores!

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Happy Wednesday reader friends! Today I am honored to have Isla on the blog sharing her day with us. Isla is from Kari Trumbo’s latest story Better Than First. Isla is a paraplegic, she is unable to move her legs. It is her goal to qualify for the Paralympic games. She is an inspiration to us all! Before I get to her day, let me share a little bit about the book with you!


Better Than First: A Contemporary Christian Romance by [Trumbo, Kari]
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Nothing will distract Isla Flores from her Paralympic goals.

Her world is work and training, nothing else matters. When her coach and best friend Duncan challenges her to make a ten item bucket list, she’s forced to think about life off the track.

The more time she spends with Duncan, the more value she sees in everyday life…and love.

Duncan Schmitz went from homelessness to his dream job as a youth pastor.

The only problem is that he’s loved Isla from afar for as long as he can remember. He’s taken it upon himself to remind her what life is like off the track. And maybe also remind her he’s not just her coach, but the one who’s cared about her the longest.

Get this sweet, heart-warming, friends to lovers romance that reads like a Hallmark movie by bestselling author Kari Trumbo!






A Day in the Life of Isla, as told by Kari Trumbo


Isla gets up every morning at 6:30. From her bed, she must manipulate her legs and massage them. If she doesn’t do that, she could get blood clots in her legs from lack of movement. After she’s done with that, she maneuvers into her wheelchair that she leaves by her bed and heads to the bathroom. Her bathroom is set up for someone in a wheelchair. Her sink is lower than standard, as is her mirror. Her tub is a “walk-in” tub, where she is fully sitting up, but has to close a door and can then take a bath. In her bath is a shower hose that she can use for showering instead of bathing. Once she’s ready for the day, it’s time to work.
While she could leave the house in her special van with the brake and accelerator in the steering wheel, she works from home. First, she must have her mourning coffee. Because she is in a wheelchair, she always uses mugs that have lids, so it doesn’t spill on her while she’s moving between her small kitchen and her office in her room. Isla is a court transcriptionist. She receives her files daily via email and types them up in the proper form. Her work schedule allows her to practice as often and as long as she needs to.
At the end of her work day, her coach, Duncan Schmitz picks her up to take her to train. He’s been her best friend for 10 years and has seen her at her best and worst. He takes her, her bag of clothes, and her very expensive racing chair to the nearest track and they practice for a minimum of two hours. Not only does she love the practice, but time with Duncan is an added bonus.
This, of course, is her average day before Better Than First. Her day changes drastically after and I hope readers will enjoy the change.
Want to learn more about wheelchair racing? Here is a great site with pictures that explains wheelchair racing. https://www.paralympic.org/news/para-athletics-explained-wheelchair-racing
Thank you Kari for sharing a day in Isla’s life with us!



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