Bible Talk With Jessica – Day 26

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Welcome to Bible Talk with Jessica! Today we hear a lot from Job. He claims his innocence, he reminds us where wisdom comes from. And then he talks about the past. And this is the part that especially hit me today.

Let’s get started!

Please note – I am not a pastor. I have had no bible training, gone to bible school, or anything like that. I do not consider myself a bible scholar at all. I am just someone who loves the Lord, loves reading the bible, and would love to talk with others about it. This is a place for me to do that. We may not agree on everything I post. I ask that all comments remain polite, and honoring to the Lord. I am just here sharing what the Lord lays on my heart, what I’ve learned, and what jumps out at me as I read. I hope you’ll join me in reading your bible as well and share what you’ve learned!

Scripture Reading for Today

Job 26:1 – 29:25

Verse of the Day

I didn’t make a pic for today’s verse of the day, because it’s a whole chapter that I’m focusing on. Chapter 29. You’ll see why below.

Bible Talk

In Job 29, Job is remembering the good days of his past. How God was there, people were good to him, he was able to help others, things were well, his family was with him, and so much more. What he says is all good things. It shows how much God blessed him, and how his life touched so many others. That’s being a good Christian. But there is something here that rubs me the wrong way.

If you look at the verses after which Job gave praise to the Lord, you might notice a change. In verses 6-25, Job says the words “I”, “me” and “my” 37 times (hopefully I counted that right, and I used the KJV to count).


While I understand he was recounting all the good parts of his life, in each scenario (except the first five verses), the focus was on him. He got respect. He helped people. People wanted to hear from him. In Job 15 he literally says “I was the eyes to the blind, and feet was I to the lame.” This rubbed me the wrong way.

In all of this, it sounds like he is boasting on himself. And perhaps he isn’t. Maybe this is just how I see it. But not once after verse 5 do I see the word God. Not once did I read where Job gave credit to the Lord for all of those things. You know what it reminded me of? Someone who likes to brag. Brag about what they used to be. Brag about how wonderful they were. Brag of all the wonderful things they did.

The truth is, those things happened because God blessed Job. Not one of those things would Job have been able to do on his own. And so I guess I just wanted Job to give God the credit He was and is due. And here comes the conviction.

Am I like Job?

Do I look back and give myself credit and boast on myself like Job did here?

You know, I probably do. Maybe not all the time, but certainly some of the time. We all do. We’re human, and we’re fleshly. We like to lift ourselves up. I’m not trying to cut anyone down, I just want to make sure we are honoring the One who gives us our abilities. The One who allows us to help others. The One who is with us every step of the way. I need to do that more often. Won’t you join me?

What did you learn from today’s reading?