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Hello reader friends! Welcome to my Spring Into Reading Event! We’re in the last part of the event, and I have to be honest, I’m kind of sad. This week is it! I’ve had to much fun learning about new books, new authors, and growing my TBR list. Haven’t you!? Thank you all for joining me on this fun journey. I’m already planning one for next year ?

Today I’ve got the pleasure of speaking with Lilah, the main character from Caryl McAdoo’s newest book! Please join me in welcoming her to the blog today. And, I’m giving away a copy of the book at the end of this post 🙂


Lilah (Prairie Roses Collection Book 5) by [Caryl McAdoo]

How can death, betrayal, a rash proposal, and revenge lead to romance? An abusive controller compels reluctant travelers westward. To flee her abusive stepfather, Lilah proposes marriage to the wagon train scout, which only leaves Padraig thinking she’s a bit soft in the head. It’s 1855. Come join the journey along the Oregon Trail with Captain Cumby. Wagon Ho! 



Welcome, Lilah, to the Baker’s Perspective. I’m so glad you are here today!! I love Caryl, which means I know I will love you as well 😉 And your title just released on May 3rd, I hear.

Yes, ma’am, and May 3rd just happened to be Miss Caryl’s birthday! She just turned seventy. I can’t believe she’s so old yet says she still feels young. I am glad she set this visit up though. I’ve been looking forward to meeting you, Miss Jessica.

Oh my word, Happy Belated Birthday to Caryl!! She does not seem old to me at all! Can you tell my readers a little about where your story opens, Lilah.

Oh, yes, ma’am. It proved to be the hardest time in my life—losing Pa. He was too young to die, and it wasn’t fair. His no-good brother already married Ma! I don’t know why in the world she would do such a thing right after Pa passed and all. She didn’t have to. She could have stood up to him, but I think she was only trying to keep him away from me if you want the truth of it.

While I can understand, she ought to know I can take care of myself. Her, too, if she could’ve only been stronger against him. It is what it is anyways. So dear old Uncle Lud—my new stepfather; I’ll never call that man pa—gets the bright idea to go west. He sells our place, the home Pa built with his own two hands and bought a stupid covered wagon.

Found out he weren’t just mean, he was crazy, too! We didn’t have any choice. We had to get ready and go, but I could never be ready to go . . . leaving Pa’s grave. That was the hardest. I loved him so much, but I was mad at him for dying, too. The last thing I did was kick a stone onto his grave. Then I felt bad over it and slipped that very stone in my pocket.

I still have it. Keep it in my pocket all the time except when I’m sleeping, of course. Whenever I put my hand in there and feel its smooth cool solidness, it calms me down. Puts Pa in remembrance, like I have a little bit of him with me or something. I mean . . . it’s just a rock, but . . .

I understand completely. I have some recipes that came from my husband’s grandmother, whom we just lost a few months ago. I picture her there with me each time I use them! It had to be so hard for you to leave.

Yes, ma’am. I was born right there in that cabin. Seemed to me the farther away we got, the meaner Uncle acted, being so short with Ma. He made me so mad, the way he treated her. Pa never would have allowed it.

So where did you go to find a wagon train? I know a lot of trains left from Independence, Missouri. Is that where your family went?

No, ma’am. The homeplace was lots closer to Saint Joseph, so that’s where we went and joined up with a Captain Cumby’s train. We heard he had a good reputation. Sixty or seventy-five wagons already signed up with him by then, but he was still waiting on the prairie grasses to grow in a little better on account of the oxen were going to have to eat it along the way.

That’s why the wagon trains always waited until the Spring to leave on the journey west. Captain Cumby told us there’d be forts for repairs and restocking along the way. Men selling replacement stock, too. But he would push if he had to, so we’d get to a place called Independence Rock by the fourth of July.

He wanted to get there in time to get a good place next to the Sweetwater River. Doesn’t that sound like such a pleasant place to layover a few days? We sure had a big shindig there, too. I’ll never forget it. It was the first time Paddy ever danced with me.


Yes, ma’am. Padraig’s his real name. He’s Irish. By the time we got to St. Jo, I knew I had to get away from that devil uncle of mine. The way he kept looking at me and things he said that weren’t one bit appropriate. Ma always tried to hush him, but he didn’t listen none to her.

We found out she was carrying a baby, too. Could have been Pa’s or could have been Lud’s; she didn’t know. Uncle didn’t cut her any slack though. I worked double to help while I could, but she knew I needed to get away, too.

Oh my goodness, what’d you do?

Well, only thing I figured to do was find myself a husband. A strong brave man to marry. One who would stand up beside me and to Uncle Lud. Wasn’t hardly on the trail at all before I met him. I knew the minute I laid my eyes on him. Ma always told me the way to get a man was through his stomach.

So I saved him a biscuit and shared some of our honey, too. Didn’t wait around for him to ask me neither. I told him then and there I wanted to marry him on my birthday in June! He told me he thought I was a little crazy at first. Guess maybe it was a crazy thing to do, but you know what they say, Miss Jessica. Desperate gals make desperate moves.

Wow. Bless your heart. I can’t even imagine marrying someone I didn’t know at all. You must have been very desperate.

Oh, yes, ma’am. Very desperate indeed. Before I forget, Miss Caryl asked me to tell you she has a book she’s arranged to be FREE for all your readers, Miss Jessica. It’s JEWEL’S GOLD from Friday, May 8th through the 12thhttps://www.amazon.com/Jewels-Gold-Diggers-Collection-Book-ebook/dp/B07R9M1ZF5
I AM My Beloved from the 15th through the 19th of May. https://www.amazon.com/AM-My-Beloved-Caryl-McAdoo-ebook/dp/B07C9XS2QL
HANNAH CLAIRE’S WILDERNESS from Wednesday, May 27th through the 31st.

She asked me to give you this biography to tell them a little about her. Caryl’s a really nice lady. I love how she smiles all the time. I’d swear that woman didn’t have a care in the world, looking at her. Even though she’s so old, too. I don’t mean to giggle. It’s just hard to believe she thinks she’s young!

Well please let Caryl know I appreciate that and you coming by, too. Lilah, it was good getting to visit with you.

Oh, it was all my pleasure, ma’am. I’s glad to come and visit, but I’m fixin’ to have to go, so I’ll say my farewells. I hope all your readers will enjoy my story! Here’s one of those things y’all call a link so they can buy themselves a copy! ? https://www.amazon.com/Lilah-Prairie-Roses-Collection-Book-ebook/dp/B084VTVRXD 


Award-winning hybrid author Caryl McAdoo prays her story brings God glory. Her best-selling novels have garnered over 1000 5-Star reviews, attesting to the Father’s favor. Readers love her Historical Christian romance family sagas best, but she also writes Christian contemporary romance, Biblical fiction, and for young adults and mid-grade booklovers. They count Caryl’s characters as family or very close friends. The prolific writer loves singing the new songs He gives her almost as much as penning tales—hear a few at YouTube! Married to Ron over fifty years, she shares four children and eighteen grandsugars. The McAdoos live in the woods south of Clarksville, seat of Red River County in far Northeast Texas, waiting expectantly for God to open the next door. 


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11 responses to “Spring Into Reading With Lilah

  1. April Morin

    It was such a unique interview..I’ve never read an interview done by the main character “instead” of the author. I loved the manners, too.

    • Oh, April. I’m so glad you appreciated the manners . . . are parents still teaching them any more? Children on the news answer the newsperson with “Yeah,” and I cringe! 🙂 Thank you. My sons and the grandsons I raised still open doors for ladies and say “sir” and “ma’am,” out of respect for their elders, even if they aren’t older . . . respect for another human being. Back then, they were important.

  2. Kay Garrett

    Enjoyed hearing from Lilah and learning more about Caryl McAdoo”s amazing book “LILAH”. Can’t wait for the opportunity to read it.

    Sorry to have missed Caryl’s birthday but grand that she can celebrate it with the release of another grand book.

  3. Lynn Brown

    The book really sounds interesting. I would read it for sure.

  4. Lelia (Lucy) Reynolds

    When she was talking about her pa dying and her mom getting married.

  5. Sometimes the different names for parents and grandparents are hard to keep up with and straight! Bless the Lord the characters don’t forget like I do! 🙂 Blessings

  6. Vivian Furbay

    I like your interview written from the perspective of Lilah. If I am blessed to win, i can only read print copies. The book has a beautiful cover.