The Feathered Bone by Julie Cantrell

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This was a powerful story that kept me on my toes. I will warn you, sometimes it treaded into dark territory, however Julie approached everything with such grace and emotion that I found myself able to handle the depth of the storyline. There were several times in the book that I just wanted to turn to the back page to see what how it ended, but I forced myself to lug along and enjoy Amanda’s journey.
I could not imagine being in Amanda’s shoes, being a chaperone on a field trip where my best friends daughter disappears. Nor could I imagine being the mother of that child, a minister’s wife whose faith is rocked to the core when her daughter disappears. I appreciate how Julie kept these women real. They reacted in ways that were true to human nature, not in a way that was not believable. I think that is what I most loved about this book. Every situation Amanda was faced with turned her life upside down. She didn’t always handle it with grace and faith, and I think a lot of people in reality would have done the same. We would all like to think that our faith will get us through everything, and in the end it really does, it that doesn’t mean we may question it now and then.
Julie did a great job in capturing the letters written to the sparrow. We can all learn a lesson from this – have the faith of a child. Now that everything will be okay and God is in control. I found myself wanting more of these little notes to sparrow. I much preferred to read these notes then a few paragraphs of that particular storyline. I think it helped ease the pain of what was really happening in this situation.
Again, this is a darker Christian book, however the topics are real. Things like this do happen and I’m happy there is someone out there who can write them in a way we can relate to. It certainly makes me take an extra look at the world as well as my faith to make sure it is strong.

I received a free copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for my honest review which I have given.