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Hello my reader friends. Welcome to Top Ten Tuesday, hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl. Today’s topic is a freebie. It’s always hard for me to do these, because I never know what to talk about! So I decided to go through the old topics and see if something jumped out at me. I saw one that said bookish wishes, and that sounded fun. Here are my top ten bookish wishes!

More Disabled Characters!

I really enjoy reading books that have disabled characters, and I think they are largely underused in Christian Fiction. And while I am not disabled myself, I feel like those who are could benefit from reading about characters that are just like them. Plus the ones I have read, have taught me so much about endurance, faith and life.

More Already Married Couples!

This is really a selfish ask. I have been married for almost 22 years. While I love reading about new romance, and delight in all the swoony moments, I cannot really connect with those relationships. Now give me an already married couple that has some issues they need to work through, and bingo. I have something in common with the characters. I know reading is an escape for most, but I also like learning when reading. I like connecting with what’s happening to the characters. I haven’t found a lot of books that talk about the difficulties of married life and so I’d love to see more!

Less Targeting Authors

Lately on social media I have seen some readers, and other authors, target some Christian authors. Why? Maybe their books were edgy, or had things in them that the person disagreed with. Some of the books in question had alcohol consumption, or sinful behavior in them. Now, let me say that this sinful behavior was not glorified in any way. It was just something the character(s) had partaken in as part of the story line, and was actually dealt with later on in the book. And so people have been very vocal about their opinions on these things, and have really slammed the authors writing them. Honestly, it really bothers me. We are supposed to be Christians people. Lifting others up, not tearing them down. Do you know how many things I disagree with in books? TONS. But I don’t go blabbing over social media that you shouldn’t read a certain book because it had something in it that I disagreed with. The world is full of enough hatred, we shouldn’t be adding to it. And just because an author chooses to include real life scenarios in their books does not make them less of a Christian. In fact, it could lead them to sharing their stories with a broader audience, that could have an amazing impact! It’s one thing to say you didn’t care for a book because it had something in it you didn’t agree with, without being too specific. It’s another thing to attack the author for even including it in their book, and bashing them (and the book) on social media.

Spread Out Release Dates

Okay, I love when new books come out, don’t get me wrong. And I’m sure there is a publishing reason to have a bunch of books release on the same day, but it’s so hard for us readers and bloggers lol! Especially when we’re on social media trying to really push promotions for those releases. When you have a bunch in one day, I always feel like some of the authors will get lost in the shuffle. I think they should all shine! So this is really just a pet peeve of mine, but who knows. Maybe publishers will take note and do something about it. 😂

More Paperback Sales!

Authors and publishers have book sales all the time, and I am super grateful for them. Have you ever noticed that a majority of them are for ebooks? Sure, I take advantage of a lot of those sales – that’s part of the reason I have over 1,000 books on my kindle! But I would love to have more sales on paperback books, which are my favorite. Then I can see the book on my bookshelf and remember that I need to read it!

Belle’s Library

Okay, dream bookish wish here. I want Belle’s library. Actually, I would settle for just a room that is used as a library. So if anyone wants to come build that for me, well I am ready. And when we’re done we can sit and read together. Ha!

More time to read

While we’re on the dream wishes, I wish there was more time to read. Like I wish I could literally spend like eight hours a day, everyday, just reading. No worrying about work, chores, dinner, dishes, cleaning, etc… Just enjoying books. Man, imagine how quickly I could get caught up on my TBR!?

But to make this dream more of a reality, I’ll just say that I wish to spend at least a little portion of my day, every single day, reading. Even if it’s just 15 minutes. I want to have a book in front of me daily.

A Reader Event in Central NY

If we’re dreaming here, we might as go big. I have been to some amazing reader retreats, namely CFRR which doesn’t exist anymore. I’d love to go to others, but they are so far away for me. So not only would I have to pay for the event, I need lodging, and plane tickets. I can’t afford them right now, which is why I am missing out on attending (just putting this out there – does someone want to sponsor me going to FRS2023?!). I would love to have one in New York, near where I live. Or even Pennsylvania. Somewhere that’s close enough to drive without it taking all day, and make it easier for those of us in the Northeast to attend. So….authors…….who wants to come???

Warning Labels on Books

My daughter and I about two years ago started a series (no, I’m not sharing what it is) that we had heard so much about. It was everywhere on social media and it sounded amazing. And it was amazing, until the author had some scenes between the main characters that made me feel very uncomfortable. For the first book in the series, we skipped over those parts because they were not in excess. But it seemed like in the second and third installments it got worse. Part way through book three we quit reading. It was too hard to skip over those parts because they were everywhere. Had there been a warning on the book, I would have never suggested reading it together. Video games have ratings on them so people know what they are getting into. I wish books had the same – like a sticker on the cover or something that says there is language, sex, violence or whatever. Then there are no surprises for those who don’t want to read it. (side note – I now you can see these on different book apps, but I think it should be also where you purchase the books!)

More Books

I mean, you can’t end a bookish wishes post without asking for more books, right!?

What are some bookish wishes you have? Share in the comments!

6 responses to “Top Ten Tuesday – Bookish Wishes

  1. I’ve seen people be harsh on authors lately because MCs have pasts and deal with demons. It’s odd. People do sin. Having stuff in books is necessary if you’re going to show characters overcoming conflict. There’s been a lot of pearl clutching from readers lately and I’m honestly sick of it. I’ve kind of stopped reading people’s reviews because it’s obvious they are nit-picking and not actually reading the whole book. Very strange. (You don’t do thus, BTW. I love your reviews and will keep reading.)

    • abakersp

      I’m sick of it too. Why can’t we just read and enjoy books lol
      And thank you 😉

  2. I LOVE this!!! I 100% agree with most of them (I am not near NY, LOL). I have seen too many people bashing authors as well, it’s ridiculous. I won’t put books on my blog that I wouldn’t recommend, but I will still rate and review them on Goodreads. Even then, I do not bash the author, I am respectful. All the books releasing on the same day gets me too. It is hard when we want to promote them all and simply can’t. And, the paperback sale, YES! I MUCH prefer paperback to ebook.

    • abakersp

      I agree, it is ridiculous. But yes, you can give an honest review while still being respectful to the author.
      Come on paperback sales!!!!! 🙂

  3. Paula Shreckhise

    Yes! , I especially like the one about staggering release dates!
    I would comment on the showing sin to show how much a character has grown. I agree we are all a mess.
    Some books I have found handle this well and some fall short. I especially don’t like Publishers dumbing down the Christian answer and just falling shirt. I think some books would be much better, if they just followed through with a clear Christian message.

    • abakersp

      I like seeing how characters can grow out of and from their sin. It makes me think that when I fall short, I have some hope to do better!