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Hello my reader friends. Welcome to Top Ten Tuesday, hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl. Today’s topic is a genre freebie. I chose to go with a genre I feel doesn’t get a lot of love in the Christian Fiction world, and there are some AMAZING books out there to read! YA. Let me start by saying YA is not just for young adults. 40-somethings like to read them too lol. And there are way more others out there then what I am listing here, but here’s a bunch to get you started! I’m just including a few of their books, otherwise this post would be way too long! And some I’ve chosen to share an older series, simply to give it some love. Click on the book cover to learn more, or the author’s name will direct you to their Amazon author page so you can see all of their amazing books.

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Sara Ella

I devoured this series and highly recommend you reading it, if you haven’t already. Then I recommend checking out her two other novels, Coral and The Wonderland Trials. I have read and loved them both!

Nadine Brandes

Thought I haven’t read the Out of Time Trilogy, I have read these three novels and enjoyed each one. They are imaginative, fun, and full of adventure!

Ashley Bustamante

Well technically I have only read Vivid, because it’s the only book that has released so far. BUT I do have Radiant on my tablet, and let me tell you – I cannot wait to read it! Ashley may be fresh on the scene of YA authors, but she packs a powerful punch!!!

Lindsay Franklin

This series has been out for a few years now, but it doesn’t mean it should be forgotten! I was swept away by this series. It was simply fascinating to me, and probably one of the first YA series I had read since I was a teenager. You need to put this on your want list!

Victoria McCombs

If you follow my Reading with Jessica each month, you’ll know that I read Oathbound this month. All I can say is WOW. I LOVED THIS BOOK! I can’t wait to see how everything unfolds in Silver Bounty. Just waiting on budget cuts to cease 😉

Nova McBee

I read this entire series in about the span of a week, maybe less. It was soooooo good! And, good news bookish friends. There is more coming AND Calculated is in development to be on the big screen. I am cautiously excited – only because for me, the book is always better. And these books were awesome!

Jody Hedlund

Jody Hedlund has so many wonderful YA Series, I wasn’t sure which ones to put here. The Lost Princesses is probably my favorite, but honestly, you can’t go wrong with any book written by Hedlund. I have no idea how she manages to write as fast as she does, but this reader sure is glad!

Morgan Busse

The Ravenwood Saga is another one of the first YA series I read a few years ago and I couldn’t read it fast enough. It blew my socks off, and Morgan L. Busse has been a must read author ever since. I am also loving her latest series – Skyworld. Friends you need to read them all!!!

Kara Swanson

I have read all three of these novels by Kara Swanson and I have to say, I cannot pick a favorite. They are full of creativity, emotion, wonder, and so much more. I cannot wait to see what she brings us next!!

Melanie Dickerson

I don’t even know where to begin with Melanie Dickerson. Her stories are just magic. I could read them all day, every day. And for those of you wondering, yes I chose not to start with book one of this series, mainly because I just love the way these three look next to each other!!!

So what about you? Who are some of your favorite young adult authors?

10 responses to “Top Ten Tuesday – YA Authors to Love!

    • abakersp

      Thank you!! I tend to forget how much I enjoy reading YA, and so this was a good reminder lol.

  1. I have read some of Jody Hedlund’s YA ones. I love all of the genres she writes in. She is very talented. The covers are just beautiful on the books you have chosen, and I can see how they would draw readers in.

    • abakersp

      I love all of her genres too! I don’t know how she keeps her head straight lol. Her historical fiction are just amazing. I think my favorite is the Orphan Train Series. I think that’s what it’s called – it was so good!

      • You know what? That’s the only series of hers I haven’t read. But it looks fabulous. I really enjoyed her Lighthouse series.

  2. I haven’t read many by Melanie Dickerson or Jody Hedlund, but what I have read I have enjoyed. I have Coral on my TBR list, I need to get to it!

  3. Vidya Tiru

    While I do read YA, I tend to read more contemporary YA (i think) so all of these authors are new to me… But I should check them out..
    Here is my TTT