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Welcome to Wondering Wednesdays, a weekly post to learn more about me and other bloggers 🙂 If you’re a blogger, please join in every week!

Today’s questions is –  Do you participate in Bookstagram challanges?

What are bookstagram challenges you might ask? They are typically monthly challenges posted by different bookstagram users, that essentially just give you a prompt for posting to bookstagram. For those of us who struggle with what pictures to post, it’s a fun way to stay involved in the bookstagram community, see what others are reading, and just have fun. It kind of gets your creative juices flowing. There is a prompt for each and every day of the month, but that doesn’t mean you necessarily have to post every day.

I love to do them when I can. Just depends on how busy I am. Or sometimes it depends on if I can think of any books for that day’s prompt! I am a huge reader, yes. But for some reason my memory isn’t always the best, and while I love so many books, I can’t always remember the fine details. I’m trying to work on that, although I’m not really sure how to lol.

So, where can you find some good challenges? Well, let me list a few that I enjoy following:

@books.n.blossoms and @sassybookishmama host #Inspiredbookchallenge – this is my favorite because I know there will always be clean topics. And the two ladies do an amazing job 🙂

@thereaderbee and @loriimagination host #allthebooksapril21 (or whatever month it is) – I really enjoy the prompts in this one, but be careful. One month recently they had a prompt that was not Christian. So I just skipped that day and didn’t look at any of the posts.

@pixie.hallows hosts #pixiebookpix – this one is another fun one.

Those are the main three that I follow and try to participate in. There are others. Like I did a few days of the #brandrfairytale one hosted by @brandrshop. @hannah_currie_author usually has fun challenges when she has a book release. If you’re looking for one, just search bookstagramchallenges hashtag and you’ll find tons!! I recommend trying one out, even for one month. I did great in February when I was home recovering from surgery, but going back to work in March made it to where I didn’t do any. So my goal is to pick back up in April. Try to take a bunch of photos on the weekend so all I have to do is schedule the posts!

What about you? Do you participate in bookstagram challenges? Share your experience in the comments!

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