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Today’s questions is –  What’s your dream job?

Um…..being paid to read books. Obviously.

Anyone else have this dream!? I’m thinking we all do lol.

Okay, I do have a few dream jobs.

I think it’d be really cool to own a bookstore/bakery. It combines my love of reading and baking. Of course, it would be mostly a Christian bookstore, because those are scarce in my area. I see a small bakery – nothing huge. Just a small selection of baked goodies, made daily of course. And maybe coffee – because I love coffee. Don’t worry tea lovers, I’d have that too 🙂

I would also LOVE to work from home. This could be virtual assistants full time for authors. Right now I just do essentially side gigs for two people, so I’d need a LOT more authors on board to make it possible for me to be home. Also, I love proofreading. It’s like looking for those little mistakes that really irk me as a reader, and make sure they don’t end up in the print version. I really enjoy doing that.

I also have a dream of working for a Christian publishing company. This is hard to do, and I’d only be able to do it remotely, but I think it’d be amazing having a part in spreading the gospel, as well as assisting in getting some amazing books in the world. I keep looking at the jobs, but they aren’t really remote. So if you ever see one – let me know!

And lastly, I have these ideas kicking around about books for little readers. I’ve done research, and it’s (in my opinion) harder to get published as a picture book author, or even an “I Can Read” type author. So it’s still a dream. Maybe it’ll come to fruition one day and maybe it won’t.

So there you have it. A peek into my dream world. Like I said, the ultimate dream job would be to just get paid to read books. That’s about as close to heaven as I think we can get in this world. Well, as long as there’s peanut butter nearby 😉

What about you? What is your dream job!?

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3 responses to “Wondering Wednesdays – Dream Job

  1. Kay Garrett

    My dream job is what I’m doing now. I love being a homemaker. A clean house, although fleeting, gives me a sense of accomplishment. Balancing the checkbook and having some left after paying the bills shows me I am doing it right. Nothing is more gratifying than sharing the bounty of the kitchen and being told “well done”. Love being my own boss. Although there is no monetary “pay”, it goes to prove that money isn’t everything. There aren’t many jobs with as many job descriptions as homemaker. Now that hubby is retired we share the work and enjoy the free time together while basking in a job well done.
    2clowns at arkansas dot net