Wondering Wednesdays – My Daily Routine

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Welcome to Wondering Wednesdays, a weekly post to learn more about me and other bloggers 🙂 If you’re a blogger, please join in every week!

Today’s questions is –  Do you have a daily routine?

Wouldn’t it be great if I could tell you yes, and then give you an hour by hour replay of what my day is like? Or even a little bit of a routine? Sadly, although I try to have a daily routine, sometimes it doesn’t happen. I’m tired, something comes up, etc….

But for the sake of answering the question, I will give a peek of the “pretty much” routine of my daily life in a series of GIFS. Because they are fun, and more exciting then just typing 🙂

What about you? What’s your daily routine?

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One response to “Wondering Wednesdays – My Daily Routine

  1. Kay Garrett

    Most times my daily routine revolves around our 16 year old furbaby. Both he and I are on medication in which we need to have something to eat. That usually means no sleeping in or things get off schedule. Being retired my schedule is more flexible than most and often times changes mid-stream if something comes up. It also means that at the drop of a hat I can be packed and ready to go (when not dealing with Covid).
    2clowns at arkansas dot net