A Day in the Life of Lily Clipston, AKA Her Royal Highness Princess Lily Belle of Casa Clipston! And a Giveaway!!

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Those who know Amy Clipston, know that she has a love for cats. It just so happens that Amy’s cat was willing to share with us what it’d like to be a cat in the Clipston household. Of course, I jumped at the chance. After all, who doesn’t want to see how a cat can edit books!?

Dear reader friends, please give a warm welcome to Lily Clipston! And guess what!? As Amy’s chief editor, she’s agreed to give away TWO copies of Amy’s new book, Amish Sweethearts!


A Day in My Life

By Lily Clipston, AKA Her Royal Highness Princess Lily Belle of Casa Clipston


My name is Lily Clipston. Some people think I enjoy a glamorous life, and they’re right. My family and I live in North Carolina near Charlotte. I have two human parents, Amy and Joe; one human nana; two human brothers, Zac and Matt; and two feline brothers, Rico and Jet. I like Rico, but I wish Jet would find a new home. So far, he hasn’t moved out. Jet mostly stays upstairs, which is where he belongs.



I spend every night in the playroom with Rico, where I usually sleep on a futon. If I get bored, I like to look out the window and annoy the silly dogs that live in the house behind us. I also enjoy screaming at the birds and telling them to get off my fence.


In the morning, Nana lets us out of the playroom. She thinks it’s funny to look at Rico and me through the window before she opens the door.



After Nana let’s us out, she feeds Rico in her bathroom, and she appropriately feeds me on the kitchen table. A while ago, Mom bought me a princess water bowl. When she gave it to me, I thought, “Well, it’s about time.”

Princess water bowl

After I eat, my day begins. Sometimes I enjoy a sunbeam on the floor or I sit in the window in the family room.

Sitting in the window

When I get bored, I move to the chair next to the window. I eventually fall asleep in the chair for a while. Napping in chair

After my nap, I like to play. I normally chase Rico around the house. We always wind up in Nana’s room.

Playing with Rico in Nanas Room

After we play for a while, we sometimes hang out on Matt’s bed while he plays online videogames. We also like to nap together in the afternoons.

Napping with Rico

I always enjoy an afternoon bath on the back of the sofa.

Lily Bath

If it’s laundry day, I occasionally will enjoy a snooze on the warm laundry. My mom’s white towels are the best since I can get the most hair on them.


Since my mom is an author, I like to sleep nearby while she works on weekends. I’m not sure what kind of books she writes (and I don’t really care), but I often hear her discussing Amish people. If she writes while sitting on the sofa, I like to sit at her feet.

Macbook on the recliner

If she writes while sitting at her desk, then I nap on the sofa behind her. I like to sleep on her Snuggie since it’s so comfortable. She complains that she would like to use it while she writes, but I’ve claimed it as mine. She really needs to just buy a new one for herself.

view from desk

I like when Mom’s books arrive because I get to sit in the box.

Lily in box

Sometimes at night I watch chick-flicks with Mom and Nana. I act like I don’t care about the movies, but I secretly enjoy them. Mom picks some really cool movies.

watching movies

Around nine o’clock, Mom and Nana put Rico and me in the playroom for bed. We always get a bowl of food at night, which is why we like to go to bed as early as possible. After I eat, I fall asleep on my favorite futon.


As you can see by my photos, I live in the lap of luxury. I wouldn’t trade my life for the world; however, I would trade Jet. If you’re in the market for a stupid fluffy tuxedo cat, feel free to email me. I’m happy to package him up in an empty book box and ship him to your doorstep.


Lily has agreed to give away 2 copies of Amish Sweethearts!

Enter the giveaway!

42 responses to “A Day in the Life of Lily Clipston, AKA Her Royal Highness Princess Lily Belle of Casa Clipston! And a Giveaway!!

  1. Shannon Holland

    Wow Lily has the life. Now why doesn’t she like Jet? What does he do that she wants to trade him in? Lol. I have 2 cats, Luna and King. Luna is lazy and I’m sure she probably would like to trade King in sometimes. He likes to chase her and jump on her. I know she preferred my old dog Nemo because she used to jump on him and wake him up to play. He couldn’t be bothered.

  2. Fay Grace

    We call my 8 year old granddaughter the cat lady because she loves cats. Thank goodness her mom has control over how many she can have or she would probably be a cat hoarder. I personally think cats are very smart so thank you Lily for dictating a good idea. ?

  3. I have one cat named Faelyn. It is my husband’s favorite pastime to jerk his foot suddenly as she walks by and watch her jump 2 feet in the air.

  4. Angela

    I think that my cat Buttercup can relate to Lily. She is the queen of her two brothers Newman and Lucky.

  5. Perrianne Askew

    I haven’t had a cat since I was a child because now I’m allergic. The first Christmas we had our cat he climbed the Christmas tree. The tree fell over smahing vintage ornaments all over the place. The next year we had wooden or plastic ornaments. Nice job with the blog, Lily!

  6. Linda McFarland

    I don’t have a cat story as I have a tiny toy poodle but I enjoyed Lily’s story. She had it made, kinda like my little Missy! Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  7. Yesterday I was in the garage with the wood stove going and I was working a puzzle. Oreo…aka Trouble decided the best place to lay was in the middle of my puzzle. I put her down and she then curled up on the pieces. Thank you for the chance. Blessings

  8. Christa

    I loved reading about Lily’s day! What a fun post 🙂 Thanks for chance to win!

  9. this is such a wonderful post. We have a cat Shadow. He is Russian Blue/Main Coon. So his coloring and facial features are Russian Blue and his size is Main Coon. He is now 10 years old.; We have had him since he was 4 months old. When we got him, he would run across the room up the couch, hit the wall and slide behind the couch. This was multiple times a day. LOL Until that day came when he did this and because he had been growing got stuck between the wall and the couch. That was the last time. For the last 10 years he still runs all over the house, bouncing off of walls a couple times a day. Kinda like he is on something. But totally entertaining and loveable. He is the most intelligent cat I have known. And I have grown up with cats all my life.

  10. Grace Winn

    Loved the photos and the story! Please don’t let my email offend you Lily! I like cats too. My daughter has two cats named Diesel and Luna. They have a love-hate relationship. Wishing you many sunny spots to nap in. Thanks for the giveaway!????

  11. Ola K Norman

    What a treat to see what Lily’s day is like. I bet all your humans would miss Jet if you shipped him off!

  12. Emma

    I enjoy reading your books. Have a wonderful week. Thank you for the opportunity to win.I am looking forward to reading Amish Sweethearts!

  13. Kay Garrett

    Think the funniest cat story I have is when our then pup chihuahua, Snickerdoodle, who had never seen a cat met our best firend’s kitten, Boz, who had never see a dog. They came to visit and we didn’t know how the encounter would fold out but they looked at one another and immediately decided to be friends. They romped and played the whole time. It was funny to see them chasing one another with cat in front going behind the couch to emerge with dog in front coming out the other side. They slept with cat on top of barrel thing with dog laying in the hole at the bottom. After they left, you could mention one to the other and they would go looking for them. To this day, 13 years later, they enjoy visiting each other, although the play time is a lot more like laying around together. The funny thing is if Snickerdoodle sees a cat in the yard he has a fit and wants to attach and so does Boz with dogs in his territory. I honestly don’t think they know that their friend is the same type critter they want to attach in their yards at home.
    2clowns at arkansas dot net

  14. I loved this idea of writing from the cat’s perspective! 🙂 I like kitties, but my husband is allergic, so I can’t own one. 🙁 Growing up, I had both a dog and a cat, and they got along pretty well. Our current dog Copper loves to bark at the strays that walk across our back yard, so I don’t think he would appreciate Lily for her personality. 🙂

  15. Loved to read the interview with the Kitty. I have two cats a solid gray named Casper and a Tuxedo named Tommy. The get along so much better since they was neutered. Tommy will also play with my dogs, a Boxer and a Boxer mix.

  16. Dawn

    You have some very entertaining fur babies! My “Kitty” (that was his name!) just past away last week☹ he was a stray we took in and was 14 … Miss his cute self but thanks for sharing yours with us all☺ Have a great day Amy!

  17. Jeanne Crockett

    My sister had a cat that I bought a present for, a ceramic water dish. Once we put that dish down with her other dishes she would not drink out of the one my sister had bought her.

  18. Danielle Hammelef

    I once made peppermint no-bake cookies that had to sit on my counter overnight to “cure” and solidify. I placed them between two sheets of wax paper. in the morning, my perfect half-dollar-sized disks had mysteriously been stamped with cat paw prints. I had proof my cat got up on my counter while we slept. BTW, the cookies were much more fun to eat with the paw imprints.

  19. Beverly Duell-Moore

    I have a cat but I sure did enjoy the story. Sometimes, while growing up I left like Lily does toward Jet. You see, I had six brothers (no sisters) and was always trying to give a couple of them away. For some reason there were never any takers!

  20. Hi Lily! Sasha and Onyx enjoyed getting to know you better. We always make sure that our mom proudly features us on her blog and Instagram. For some reason, she keeps trying to put books in the photos, but we know that she’s really trying to get photos of us, so we obligingly lay on top of them to make it easier.

  21. Annette Eldridge

    My sister’s cat always plays tag with her ‘sister’ cat at 2 a.m. and they can be heard sliding into walls and meowing at each other.

  22. Jean Thompson

    At my Clients house we have been feeding a Stray Cat. On this past Monday the Cat brought a mouse to the Door and was bumping the door with his Head.so I go look and there on the porch was this dead mouse. so I praised the Cat and took the dead mouse out behind the Shed. A While later before I left for the day I heard the bumping on the door again.. Looked out and saw another Mouse.. then I got to looking and realized it was the same mouse…Darn Cat wanted Credit for Getting Two…! ! So I took it out even further in the Yard and gave it a Toss… so hope he didn’t bring it back to the porch while I was gone…! ! !

  23. Love your new blog, Lily! You, Rico and Jet certainly live the life of luxury while your Momma works hard to write her wonderful Amish novels. Keep up your good work of editing and post on your blog soon again. I can’t wait to hear more of your life stories.

  24. Dianna Nance

    I loved Lily’s story!!! She looks a lot like my Granddaughter’s cat Curious. She us named Curious because she is curious about everything!!!!

  25. Christine McDermott

    Loved Lilly’s blog. We had a cat named Mindy and she was 21 went she went over the Rainbow Bridge. She was also the Queen of our household, we were allowed to live in her house. Mindy “helped” me put jigsaw puzzles together.

  26. Patty

    Lily and Rico sound like my cat Tink. As soon as it gets dark it is time for bed but mostly time for food!

  27. Patti Bond

    I just loved reading about Lily’s life in the Clipston household. The only cat story I have is when my brother and I tried to wash the cats with water when we were younger, of course the cats hated it

  28. Merry

    My son found a cat in our backyard and named her Buttons. He took her to school for Pet day and said she came in handy because we really don’t have pets.

  29. Trixi

    I don’t really have a funny cat story to share! I miss mine since we had to put her down over two years ago and only had her for five years 🙁 I miss the antics and unconditional love that a cat shows.
    Misty was our last one, and she loved to be chased around the house! I’d shuffle my feet and she’d go skittering down the hall and then wait for me to do it again. She’d play like that until I got too tired for the game. 🙂 She also loved to lie on her back soaking up the sun & falling asleep. I sure miss her to pieces!

    Thanks for sharing the cat pictures, stories and giveaway chance!

  30. Carol Alscheff

    I have a 15 year old cat named Pookie. He has been an only cat for the last 5 years. He thinks he’s the boss of me. Lol. No surprise there. I work evenings and when I get home he runs upstairs and starts screaming for me to go to bed. He doesn’t like to sleep alone although he seems to manage quite well when I am not home. Pookie qould love for me to win a book because then I would spend more time in bed reading and he could keep an eye on me.

  31. A funny cat story: my orange beast ( Ernest Hemingway the Fluffiest) is a constant companion in the house. He Fetches and behave like a dog that well even the small dog we have believes he is one. Ernie has a vice however, he enjoys carbs. So much that we have to hide away bread, donuts, cake, you name it he will shred the container to eat it. Hmm, maybe we should have named him Garfield?

  32. Susan Smith

    What a princess she is! We had a barn cat that my middle daughter named Teresa. Teresa soon became Mother Teresa because she had dozens of litters of kittens and but also nursed many stray kittens.

  33. Doris Lankford

    I loved reading about Lilly’s day. I have three cats and I’m sure their day goes about the same. My funny story would be about my cat M&M, we had to give him a mild sedative to take him to the vet, He’s a beast without it. One pill did not work, we ended up giving him two. So funny to watch him walk. He still was a wild one at the vet but at least he got an exam. I love my cats and think they should all be treated like prince’s and princesses.

  34. Dawn Crawford

    I have several cat stories. 1) Most cats hate water but we had one cat who loved to get into my daughter inflatable water slide and walk around the water. 2) One cat named Rascal loved to come up and knock on the front door with his paws when he wanted something. He was an outside cat.