A Day in the Life of Marlie Love

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Happy Thanksgiving Eve friends! I hope you’re getting your turkey ready. Warning – if it’s not defrosted already, you might be in trouble 😉 Today I’d like to welcome Marlie Love to the blog. Marlie is a Life Coach, Author, and now has her own TV show on the Now network!


Day in the life of Marlie Love


My life has been sort of turned upside down in a good way! As a life coach, my days usually consisted of waking up, meditating/praying, checking my emails, making social media posts, preparing for my calls, and at times writing or brainstorming new ideas. Now, since my book has been released AND I’ve decided to take on the adventure of having my own TV show, my days have sort of changed a bit.

I first want to take you into my decision to have a TV show. You know, God always wants to do exceedingly and abundantly more than we can ever ask or think of. Here’s a little background information, I heard about this TV network and I inquired about possible having a show on there. However, once I found out that in order to have a TV show, I would need more than I had; and it would be A LOT of work, I put it on the backburner. Until one day, my phone rang, and it was the TV station. But, I just ignored it (like I had weeks before). What was different this time though, is my husband asked me, “who was that?”. I nonchalantly said, “oh this TV network that wants me to have a show on their station”, and I continued stalking… I mean browsing… Facebook (?). He excitedly said, “WHAT, a TV station!?” I again, nonchalantly said, “yes a TV station”.

Listen, I don’t want to bore you with the details of the next 15 minutes of us going back and forth trying to understand what was happening. So, once we got our barring’s, I told my husband that I didn’t think I could do a TV show because I didn’t have this and that (I was doing everything I could to stop my blessing). I literally gave every excuse in the book. My husband patiently spoke to me and said, “Marlie, I can produce and film the show for you, we can come up with a plan, and I know you’ll be able to afford it.” Isn’t it amazing how God works? When you don’t believe in yourself, he sends those around you to speak life into new plans for your life. I told him, ok, but I need this exact amount of income from God to do it, and if that comes soon, sign me UP!

God provides for US! The EXACT amount of money I needed came to me. Everything is working out! I signed a contract and my TV show will debut on The Now Network on November 2, 2018 and will be available every Friday at 6:00am EST.

I wanted to write about this portion of my day/life because I feel it’s important for so many of us. We need to trust God, take risks, speak life, and continue moving forward. Let God dictate every aspect of your day. Give Him control of your day. When I do that, sometimes I have routine days and other days, I’m literally in my prayer closet praising Him and I don’t get an ounce of “regular” work done.

This is why I am living my purpose in life. This is why I life coach people to live their purpose in life. This is why I wrote a book called, Five Steps to Finding your Purpose and Destiny. This is why I am fulfilling a dream of my own TV show called, Purpose is for ALL.



Thank you Marlie for sharing your day with us!


About Marlie

  "Marlie Love Life Coaching, LLC helps professional millennial Christians embrace their worth and step into their life purpose, by unleashing their hidden potential."



In May 2016, Marlie began living her true life’s purpose by starting Marlie Love Life Coaching, LLC.

Marlie Love Life Coaching, LLC helps professional millennials embrace their worth and step into their life purpose, by unleashing their hidden potential.

Marlie was once a professional millennial Christian that didn’t know her worth and purpose. Instead of retreating, and settling for a life others told her she needed to live, she began to seek (and she found!). She began to dig deeper into God’s word, and develop a genuine relationship with God. Although Marlie had been a Christian her whole life, she realized she didn’t really know what that meant.