A Day in the Life of Wanda Brunstetter!!

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Happy Wednesday friends! I am so exited to share with you A Day in the Life today. Wanda Brunstetter has taken time out of her busy schedule to share a day in her life, which just happens to be while she’s visiting her Amish friends. Wanda is such a fantastic author, and if you get her newsletters you know how often she goes to visit her friends. Since I can’t go with her on one of these visits, I’ll just sit here and read about them instead 🙂


A Day in the Life of Wanda Brunstetter


One of the things I enjoy most about writing Amish-themed novels is getting to spend time with our Amish friends. They are an inspiration to me—not just by giving insights about their way of life—but helping me to have a better understanding of how and why their communities are so strong. The biggest reason is their belief in God and willingness to follow Him and be an example to others by their actions. The Amish and other Plain people put God first and family second.

A few years ago, my husband and I were invited to spend a week with one of our Amish friends in Pennsylvania. We had such a good time visiting, singing, fellowshipping with their family, and attending Amish church together. We even traveled there in our friends’ Amish buggy. On the way, the horse pulling the carriage lost a shoe, but it didn’t seem to slow him down any.



The worship service was held in a church member’s barn and took place over the course of three hours. The singing from the Amish hymnal, as well as the preaching, was done in German. Even though my husband and I could not understand most of the words, we enjoyed the service and felt the people’s worshipful attitude.


Amish church set up


When church was over, a light meal was served, and then the women and men sat outside in segregated groups and visited. After a few hours, it was time to climb back in the buggy and return to our Amish friends’ house.

Later that afternoon, our friends invited several of their family members to their home for an outdoor barbecue and time of singing and visiting. Before the gathering ended, my husband got out his package of balloons and made several twisty-animal balloons for the children.


Wanda’s husband making balloon animals!


The day ended with a pleasant breeze blowing through the open window of the bedroom we slept in. The sound of crickets lulled us to sleep.

When we awoke the next morning, we helped our Amish friends bag freshly-made bread to take to their local farmers’ market. The memory of that special week spent with Amish friends will remain in my heart and mind.


Amish porch

There have been many other precious moments spent with Amish friends, at their homes or ours, as three couples have traveled to our state of Washington to stay in our home for several days. What a joy and privilege it is to spend time with our dear Amish friends whom we have many things in common with. While the Amish people may dress differently than we “English” do, and live a different lifestyle, they deal with many of the same things we do, and respond in much the same way as other Christians when it comes to living out their faith. I count it a privilege to have so many dear Amish friends.


Thank you Wanda for sharing this with us!!!


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    Love this author’s books! I’m always anxiously awaiting the release of the next one.

    Thanks for the glimpse into a day with Wanda!