Bible Talk With Jessica – Day 27

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Welcome to Bible Talk with Jessica! Oh Job. It almost feels like as I’m reading through his responses that he is such a complainer. Like those whiny people that you just get sick of listening to. Honestly, it’s been hard to keep reading it some days. But I try to look with fresh eyes each day, and see it from Job’s point of view. He is in a season of hardship, despair, even depression. I can empathize with that. He reminded me today that while we can hide our sin from others, you cannot hide them from God. And wow does that really feel like a knife is going into your heart, but it’s true. I think we can sometimes think because we’re only thinking something, or we cover our tracks so no one knows, that we’re in the clear. The opposite is true my friend.

But Job also touches on something else today – the love of money. And that’s what I want to concentrate on today’s post.

Let’s get started!

Please note – I am not a pastor. I have had no bible training, gone to bible school, or anything like that. I do not consider myself a bible scholar at all. I am just someone who loves the Lord, loves reading the bible, and would love to talk with others about it. This is a place for me to do that. We may not agree on everything I post. I ask that all comments remain polite, and honoring to the Lord. I am just here sharing what the Lord lays on my heart, what I’ve learned, and what jumps out at me as I read. I hope you’ll join me in reading your bible as well and share what you’ve learned!

Scripture Reading for Today

Job 30:1 – 31:40

Verse of the Day

Bible Talk

We all know the saying that money is the root of all evil. I don’t think that’s necessarily true. We can have wealth and still follow and honor the Lord. Or, we can allow money to take over our life, our thoughts, our everything. Do you see the common denominator? It’s us. Not the money.

It’s when we put money first that it becomes evil. When we focus on attaining wealth, when we essentially worship it – those rectangle pieces of paper. When we put working before family so we can fund our spending habits or increase our savings account. When we put the importance of money before the importance of spending time with our Lord. When we stop tithing because we want that money to purchase something.

It could even be that we are so worried about finances and look for any way possible to make those paper rectangles.

Friends, I’ve been there. I am there. I keep seeing the finances dwindle, and the lack of job that I have, and I worry. I worry that we’re going to end up in a place where we cannot pay our bills. Won’t be able to buy food. Won’t have money to put gas in our cars. I wonder if I should just get some random job so at least there’s income. That’s what the world tells me to do. But, I haven’t felt led to many jobs honestly. I have applied for several, and none of them turned out. Why? Well because it’s not what the Lord wants for me. And so, our savings account keeps going down, down, down. And I fret. I keep threatening to just go work at McDonald’s so it’s at least something, and I’m reminded that’s not the answer.

I think perhaps in this time I’m going through, God is showing me just how much I rely on those paper rectangles. In fact, it wouldn’t surprise me in the least if He let us get to the point where we have nothing before He shows us what comes next. Because then I’ll truly be at a point of solely relying on Him. Why can’t I just do that now? I do, but I also don’t. Does that make sense? Sounds crazy I know.

I think the issue is I let my flesh do too much talking. Yes, we have bills to pay. Yes, we need food to eat. We’ve been able to pay bills, eat, and live life up until this point, even though there are no paychecks coming. Why? Because God has provided. Why would I think that fact would change? It won’t. He will provide.

This morning my husband said something wise – he said maybe I should stop praying for the Lord to give me a job, and just pray that our finances will be met in some way. Not only does that take the focus off me hunting for that perfect job, it takes the pressure off of me providing the finances. It takes the focus from me and puts it back on God, where it belongs. It tests our faith. It brings us back to what we’ve known but needed all along – knowing that God will provide. Whether it’s a job, a few jobs, or whatever – the finances will always be there.

I need to stop putting my faith in dollar bills, and just trust that the Lord knows what He’s doing and will provide when the time is right. Friends, that is way harder to do then it is to say. But I’m working on it. Day by day. Moment by moment.

Have you been in a place where God taught you the importance of trusting in Him instead of money? If you’re comfortable, share the lessons you have learned in the comments!