Bible Talk With Jessica – Day 80

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Welcome to Bible Talk with Jessica! Today Moses sings a song! Oh how music is a big part of my life, and I was happy to see a man of the Lord using music. I strongly believe that music can encourage and inspire, but it can also convict. I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve been listening to worship music, or singing hymns at church and had a sudden conviction that brought me to near tears. Yeah, music is powerful.

Let’s get started!

Please note – I am not a pastor. I have had no bible training, gone to bible school, or anything like that. I do not consider myself a bible scholar at all. I am just someone who loves the Lord, loves reading the bible, and would love to talk with others about it. This is a place for me to do that. We may not agree on everything I post. I ask that all comments remain polite, and honoring to the Lord. I am just here sharing what the Lord lays on my heart, what I’ve learned, and what jumps out at me as I read. I hope you’ll join me in reading your bible as well and share what you’ve learned!

Scripture Reading for Today

Deuteronomy 31:30 – 32:52

Psalm 90

Verse of the Day

Thou hast set our iniquities before thee, our secret sins in the light of thy countenance.

Psalm 90:8

Bible Talk

Speaking of conviction, this verse is very convicting to me. We all sin – it’s just our nature. We don’t mean to sometimes, and we (hopefully) don’t like to. But we do. Thank the Lord that Jesus died on the cross so that we can still go to heaven even though we don’t deserve it!

There are two words in this verse that really jump out at me, and boy do they pierce my heart.

Secret sins.

Let’s be honest with ourselves – we ALL have secret sins in our lives. Every single one of us. Those sins that happen in our minds, or when no one else is around. Sometimes we think they aren’t a big deal because no one knows about them. Just us. We can act all holy and Christianlike on the outside, all the while harboring these dark sins on the inside.

Friends, I hate to break it to you. You are not the only one who knows about those sins. And yes, I needed this reminder today. Every day in fact.

God knows about these sins. Every single one of them. The thoughts we have that no one knows about? God knows them. The actions we take in the privacy of our own home? God knows about them. There is not one thing that we do in our entire lives that God doesn’t know about. He knows everything! And yes – that is terrifying. But it can also be comforting. When we mess up, the Lord already knows. He is simply waiting on us to own up to our mistakes and ask for forgiveness. And when we do, He freely offers it! Hallelujah for that!

But I think every now and then we need to be reminded that God does know all things, and sees all things. We can’t hide from Him. Even those deep, dark sins we don’t want anyone to know about. God already knows! So instead of allowing those sins to keep a hold on us because we think no one knows about them, let’s start fighting against them knowing that God wants us to stop! I encourage you to have some alone time with the Lord, and ask Him to point out these secret sins to you, and then ask Him for forgiveness and how to move forward. It’s something I need to do in my life and I hope you’ll do it as well.

What did you learn from today’s reading?