Reading with Jessica in February Week 1

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Hello reading friends! Welcome to Reading with Jessica! This month I’m reading and discussing Oathbound by Victoria McCombs! This is such a fun read, and book two just released so I would recommend getting that to read when we’re done!!

Okay, let’s dive in, but first a few reminders. This week we’re discussing Chapters 1-14. 🥰 I’m going to divide my thoughts based on chapter so that it’s easy to follow along. These are just random thoughts I had while reading! Feel free to comment on any of it, or just what you thought about these chapters! The goal is to have some fun discussions. And don’t forget – THERE WILL BE SPOILERS!!!!! So if you haven’t read these chapters yet, I highly recommend not reading this post until you do. I mean, unless you don’t want to be surprised lol.

About the Book

Reading with Jessica in February Week 1Oathbound
Author Victoria McCombs
Published by Third Day Books
on February 8, 2022
Genres: YOUNG ADULT FICTION / Action & Adventure / Pirates, YOUNG ADULT FICTION / Fantasy / Epic, YOUNG ADULT FICTION / Fantasy / Romance
Pages: 339

Beware the waters. The dangerous deep brings ruin to all. Emme has spent her life avoiding anything to do with pirates. But the fates are cruel, and now a hidden sickness leads her to partner with pirates for the one thing that can save her-a cure on an island none are certain exists. The pirate captain's secrets are darker than the deep and threaten to kill them all. His obligations are tinged with betrayal, for his oathbind must be fulfilled. To ignore it is to invite peril of unimaginable destruction. As the adventure unfolds, the sea takes more than she expects and the sea gives more than he wants.


Reading Schedule Reminder

Week One – Chapters 1-14. Discussion on February 11th.

Week Two – Chapters 15-27. Discussion on February 18th.

Week Three – Chapters 28 – The End! Discussion on February 25th.

Book Discussion

Chapter 1

This was a great opening chapter! I’m curious about this disease that Emme has. I mean, I’m assuming there’s a cure unless McCombs is going to do the unthinkable and kill a main character. GASP. Don’t do that lol.

Arn seems like he’s gonna be a fun character. I can’t wait to see more from him.

It seems like this is going to be a fantastic story. Lots of danger and adventure. Maybe romance? I predict Emme will have tons of character growth. And her and Arn will be together. Although not for awhile. I bet there’s gonna be a lot of back and forth internally for the both of them.

Chapter 2

Oh I love secrets!! Ok, what is Arn’s reason for this trip? I bet it’s something bad. Maybe a debt. Maybe a chance to redeem himself. Not quite sure yet.

A pirate who loves arithmetic? Oh I was laughing at this.

Ok, I’m curious about this brother/sister relationship. Do they get along? Will her brother come on the ship?

Also….the more people that know a secret the better, because it means opportunities for it to come out lol!

Chapter 3

I’m excited for Emme to take this journey. I think she needs it, more then she thinks she does.

Still pondering a relationship between her and Arn. Hmmmmmmm……….

Chapter 4

Anyone else think it’s weird that she’s the daughter of a famous pirate and she’s getting seasick!? I mean, she was on land so that’s probably why. It was just unexpected. But…..we are not built to be exactly like our parents (thank the Lord lol). Anyways, I feel bad for her!

Oh Arn. You’re rugged yet hide your feelings, all while we know how you love Emme. And you’re jealuos!!! Why is this making him more swoony?

Chapter 5

Okay is Arn going to be overthrown in the future? Are his mates on the ship not really on his team? Huh. Wondering how this will play out.

Chapter 6

Oh I knew Arn kept Emme’s letters!!! But in his socks? LOL. That’s different. Although I can see why.

I wish Emme would have been able to open that letter, but of course that would probably make the story go faster than McCombs wants, and we need tension and all that. But darn it!

The more I learn about Arn, the more I adore him. That is all.

Man, I know there would be a scene where Ontario and Emme would be close and Arn would walk in and “catch them” even though they weren’t doing anything. Happened faster then I thought and I’m not mad about it. Love triangle? Hmmmm. Ontario doesn’t stand a chance, but he of course doesn’t know that. Why are Arn and Emme so blind to the other one’s feelings?

Chapter 7

Seems like the brother/sister relationship is on good terms.

Anyone else thinking Emric was a little too swift to say yes and join the ship? Something seems off about him. I’m gonna be watching to see what his character does.

Chapter 8

Okay suspicions about Emric are growing. Is he really who Emme thinks he is? Is he planning something? Is he going to take over for Arn somehow, or at least think he is?? I’m telling you, something isn’t right.

Chapter 9

Oh. My. Gosh. You know how when you’re watching a show or a movie and that scary moment happens and it makes you literally jump? I know I’m just reading, but this story is so vivid in my mind that when that creature came out of the water, I jumped. I actually gasped out loud. Yeah…..books can startle a person too lol.

Chapter 10

I held my breath reading this entire chapter. WOW. This is awesome. I love the action. I love Arn and his sacrifice. I love how brave Emme was. McCombs – you are an amazing writer. Way to have this girl at the edge of her seat.

Still thinking Emric wants to take over.

And what is with this black ship? I’ve got a few theories. Someone tracking – maybe who Arn owes money to? Maybe the person who owns the treasure? Was the sea creature really from the ship? Emme’s mother perhaps? Or someone tied to Emric that he told to follow way behind? hmmmmmmmmmmmm

Chapter 11

Oh I am digging the tender moments between Arn and Emme. Now just confess your love already!!!!!

Chapter 12

I love how Arn praised his crewmen, even the smallest. What a guy. See? The more I learn the more I love.

Still not pleased with Emric. What is up with this guy? Why wouldn’t he want to save his sister?

Ohhh the ending of this chapter!!! What is Arn going to do? Obviously he has no money yet.

Chapter 13

Again, keeping my on the edge of my seat here. Daughter of the sea? What is happening? My head is spinning with possibilities. Why is Arn’s POV the next chapter? AAAAHHHHH I need more lol.

Chapter 14

Well way to go Arn and get yourself temporarily out of that mess. Now get get your girl!!!

Overall thoughts

I’m gonna keep this short and sweet so I can read some more. I LOVE THIS BOOK. Wow it is so well written, the characters are intriguing, there’s just enough tension, waiting for some kiss to happen…I know it’s going to happen I just know it, and who are these people that took Emme??????? Okay gotta go read. Bye.

What are you thoughts on these chapters? Share in the comments! Let’s get the book discussion going. 🙂