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Hello reader friends! Welcome to my Spring Into Reading Event! It’s May, and the event is still happening! So, with no end in sight, let the party continue. Just kidding – this will come to an end soon. But for now, I’m going to feature a new release (or will be released) book for you to add to your TBR everyday. There will be guest posts, giveaways, book excerpts, and more! So make sure you come back daily and see what book is in the spotlight next! And if you’ve missed any, be sure to click on the “Spring Into Reading” tab and look at the other posts!

Today I’m excited to share an excerpt with you from Sara Davison’s new release, Lost Down Deep. This book is on my never ending TBR stack – I will read it soon I hope!! I’ve really enjoyed reading Sara’s stories, so I already know this one will be great. 🙂 And YOU get the chance to win your own copy, along with some beautiful rose earrings!


Lost Down Deep (The Mosaic Collection) (The Rose Tattoo Trilogy Book 1) by [Sara Davison, The Mosaic Collection]

She is the only one who can tell the police who attacked her in her home.
If only she could remember …
Summer Velasquez is on the run from a man she has no recollection of after an attack she can’t recall.
Every face in the crowd is a potential suspect, so how is Summer supposed to know who is a threat to her and who isn’t?
After fleeing her assailant and the parents who lied to her about what happened, she changes her name and seeks refuge in Elora, Ontario. The small town feels familiar, although she has no memory of ever having been here.
Even in what should be a safe place, she can’t shake the feeling that she is being watched.
When Ryan Taylor strolls into the Taste of Heaven Café where she works, Summer is immediately drawn to him. However, he may not be who he says he is either. As her suspicions grow, Summer prepares to run again.
But at least one person is determined to stop her. Permanently. And if she can’t remember who he is, this time he may succeed.

Purchase at Amazon! (It’s on sale as of the time of this post for $0.99!)


The silhouette of a man appeared in the opening of the alleyway, and Jude shoved himself away from the wall. His instinct was to reach for the gun, but he waited, muscles tensed, as the man strode toward him, garbage crunching beneath his feet. In the dim light of the moon and the lamppost out at the street, the man’s handsome features—dark, slicked-back hair and even darker eyes—gradually became clear. As did the hatred radiating around him like an aura. Jude swallowed. Summer’s father.

He stopped a couple of feet in front of Jude, a scowl twisting across his features. “¿Qué estás haciendo aquí?”

Jude lifted his chin. “What do you think I’m doing here? I’m keeping an eye on Summer.”

The man kicked a tin can with the toe of his thousand-dollar Italian-leather shoe. It clattered against the brick wall a couple of feet from Jude, and it took everything he had not to jump. When Summer’s father spoke again, it was in English, but with a thick Spanish accent. “I told you when you tried to get to her in the hospital that I did not want you anywhere near her.”

“I’m on public property. You might be able to hire a guard to keep me from seeing her in there, but you can’t control what I do out here.”

“Can I not?” The man reached into the pocket of his Brioni suit coat.

Jude’s hand inched behind his hip. If her father pulled out a weapon, he wouldn’t hesitate to grab the Glock. Instead, the man took out a phone, tapped the screen, and held it up. A couple of seconds later, voices spilled from the device. Jude listened a moment. It was him and Summer, arguing. His stomach twisted as he met the simmering gaze of Mr. Velásquez. “How did you get that?”

“It does not matter how, only that I have it.” He hit the screen again to silence the phone before sticking it into his pocket. He stepped forward, stopping so close to Jude that he could feel the man’s hot breath when he spoke. “This recording makes you a prime suspect in the attack of my daughter. I am working closely with the police to find the evidence to prove it. Already it is mounting. Your fingerprints are all over the house, so they know you were there.” Venom flowed through his words like sap through a tree. “If you try again to see her, or if I catch you anywhere near her, I will hand over this recording to them. I am sure they will be very interested to hear that you had a motive for the attack, as well as the means and opportunity. This is the missing piece of the puzzle.”

“And yet you haven’t given it to them. Because you know I didn’t do it.”

“I know no such thing. I am biding my time, waiting for you to push me far enough that I have no choice. I have already told my daughter that I believe you are the one who did this to her, so she wants nothing to do with you. I strongly advise you to stay away from her. Far away. Or I will see to it that you are locked up so tightly and for so long that you will never be able to get to her again. Do I make myself clear?”

Jude’s heart sank. Had her father really told Summer Jude was the one who attacked her? If so, the chances of her ever being willing to talk to him were pretty much non-existent. He’d have to come up with another plan entirely if he hoped to be able to reach her.

Her father took a step closer, until his chest was nearly touching Jude’s. The butt of the gun pressed into Jude’s spine when he leaned away slightly. He could grab it, force the man to back off, but if he pulled it out he’d use it, and the last thing he needed was another death on his conscience.

Still, everything in him screamed at him to fight. He clenched his fingers into fists, itching to forcibly remove the smug look from the man’s face, but he knew from past experience that would only make things worse. And he couldn’t take the chance that Summer’s father would turn that recording over to the police. Jude had to stay out of prison long enough to figure out a way to see Summer. The man held all the cards at the moment.

“I asked if I had made myself clear.”

Jude gritted his teeth. “Yes.”

“Bien.” Mr. Velásquez stepped back and brushed his hands against each other, as though swiping off any contact with Jude. “Then do not ever let me see you again. The moment I do, I hand that recording over to the police.” He spun around and stalked out of the alleyway. Jude stared at the opening long after the man had disappeared around the end of the building. Then he stooped down, snatched up an empty beer bottle, and sent it hurtling toward the bricks. The glass shattered with an angry crash, depleting a little of the fury and adrenaline coursing through him.

He slumped against the wall. Think, Jude. The confrontation with Summer’s father had been a setback, nothing more. The stakes had been raised, but that wouldn’t deter him from his mission. He would find a way to get to Summer.

Even if he risked going to jail for life to do it.


Suspense author Sara Davison

Sara Davison is the author of two romantic suspense series, The Seven Trilogy and The Night Guardians. She has been won or been a finalist for 9 national writing awards, including Best New Canadian Christian Author, a Carol Award, a Selah Award, and two Daphne du Maurier Awards for Excellence in Mystery and Suspense. She resides in Ontario, Canada, with her husband Michael and their three children, all of whom she (literally) looks up to.

Connect with Sara:

Website and to sign up for newsletter: www.saradavison.org

Facebook: @authorsaradavison

Twitter: @sarajdavison


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  1. April Morin

    I like seeing characters on a cover. It helps me picture them while I read the book.

  2. Trixi

    I do like characters on the cover. It gives me a visual as to how they look. The only thing that bugs me sometimes is when the description doesn’t match the cover model!

    Thanks for the giveaway chance, Sarah is a new-to-me author!

  3. Kay Garrett

    I’m with you on characters not on the cover. I think it’s once you see the cover you have preconceived notions all about that character. It gets back to the first few minutes of first impressions ingrains in your brain forever. If it’s a continuing series, I’d be open to it – maybe.

    That all being said, I’m also drawn to a cover that tells a story or makes you wonder how it relates to the story. Lot of times after reading a book, I have to go back and study the cover again.

  4. Roxanne C.

    I like seeing the main characters on the cover as long as the background is also appealing. However, when the cover does not match the author’s descriptions, it can be off-putting. The cover to Lost Deep Down is beautiful but leaves me with the shivers.

    • Roxanne C.

      I apologize for getting the title wrong. Correction: The cover to Lost Down Deep is beautiful but leaves me with the shivers (looks very cold and windy).

  5. Patty

    I do like to see characters on the cover. As long as there isn’t that problem of the image come nowhere close to the description of the person in the book!

  6. Perrianne Askew

    I do enjoy seeing characters images on a cover because it gives me a bit of an idea what to picture in my mind and possibly an image of the setting as well.

  7. Danielle Hammelef

    I do enjoy the characters on the covers for an immediate visual.

  8. Paula Shreckhise

    I do like characters on the cover.
    I like landscapes, too. There are so many pretty covers lately.

  9. Paula Shreckhise

    I tried to subscribe but it wouldn’t let me. It said please wait forever. I used two different browsers.

  10. Lelia (Lucy) Reynolds

    I enjoy seeing characters on the cover as long as it matches the authors description. I prefer if they aren’t close ups. Thank you for sharing.

  11. Thanks so much for highlighting Lost Down Deep on your blog, Jessica! And thanks to everyone for taking the time to read the excerpt and leave a comment. Blessings! Sara