Top Ten Tuesday – Books That Surprise You!

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Happy Tuesday reader friends and welcome to another Top Ten Tuesday hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl! Today we’re talking about books that surprised us, whether it’s good or bad. Have you ever read a book that totally surprised you? What was it about the book that surprised you? Leave me a comment after you’ve looked over mine. I’d love to see what you think!


I could actually put all of the Lunar Chronicles in this post. My daughter read them and pretty much devoured them. Then insisted that I HAD to read them. When I looked at the info, I was a little nervous. Wasn’t really my cup of tea. Then I started reading and soon found that I was devouring them too. What had my daughter done to me? Well, quite frankly, she turned me into a Marissa Meyer fan!



Another series brought to my attention by my daughter. If you haven’t caught on, her reading taste is totally different then mine. And again, I try not to shy away from Christian fiction too often, but I was intrigued. This book was so different then anything I had ever read, and I found it very intriguing. There were a few parts during the series I didn’t like (a few swear words, kissing, and slightly beyond – but it was very limited); but overall I really liked it. I think my daughter likes surprising me in the book world 🙂



Like I mentioned, I don’t stray from Christian fiction too often, but when I do, there is typically a Nicholas Sparks book nearby. I’ve read them all and own them all. When I finished reading Two by Two, I was almost in shock. It was the first book of his I didn’t love. I only sort of liked it, and that left me surprised. I think it’s because he took this book in a different direction, and I just wasn’t having it.




This book. Aside from the fact that I thought it was amazing, it also surprised me by how much it really spoke to my heart. It always takes me by surprise when a book changes my outlook on life. This was that book for me. I can’t really explain it, I can only tell you that it moved me, and my goal is to read it at least once a year to get that feeling repeatedly.



I hate politics. There I said it and I feel better. So imagine my surprise when I read a book, well series if we’re being honest, that deal with politics and found that I LOVED them! I mean, I was hooked right from book one and found myself anxiously awaiting for each release thereafter. And although I still do not love politics, I love Erica Sparks and her involvement 🙂


When I find out that books are going to be about missing kids, or depression, I wonder if I really want to open the pages and start reading. As a mom, I don’t even want to be reminded that kids can be kidnapped or go missing because it makes me think of my daughter. And depression, well it’s depressing. I want a book to lift me up, not tear my down. I didn’t even get half way through this book before knowing it was a surprise to me. A surprise that I was connecting with the characters. A surprise that I wanted to keep reading and finish. A surprise that I didn’t want the story to end! Julie Cantrell has a beautiful way to tell a story, and I’m glad this book caught me by surprise.


Beauty and the Beast (2017) (Theatrical Version)Okay, I know this isn’t a book, so I guess I’m going out on a limb here. Beauty and the Beast (the original cartoon) is my favorite movie of all time. I love Belle – she’s a book nerd who gets a huge library. Any bookworm who doesn’t like her, well they’re just weird. So when Disney remade this movie I was scared. I told my daughter I wasn’t sure seeing it in the movie theater was a good idea. I knew I wouldn’t enjoy it, but sit there and complain in my head about it the whole time. But, alas, fair Caitlin talked me into going. And I. Was. Surprised. Sure, there were a few minor things that bugged me, but overall I loved the movie! And I’ve watched it quite a few times since then. I think it may even be tied with the original for favorite movie.


Well, I didn’t quite make ten today, but sometimes that happens. So tell me what book (or movie remake!) surprised you!!



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  1. I, too, was very surprised by Beauty and the Beast! I have always loved the original Disney version, and a lot of people were complaining about things, so I was hesitant to take my daughter. We actually waited until it came out on DVD to watch it. I loved it! I have since watched it a few times. I think it was pretty well done. There were a couple things that bugged me too, but not enough to make me hate the movie or anything.