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Hello reader friends! Welcome to my Spring Into Reading Event! It’s May, and the event is still happening! So, with no end in sight, let the party continue. Just kidding – this will come to an end soon. But for now, I’m going to feature a new release (or will be released) book for you to add to your TBR everyday. There will be guest posts, giveaways, book excerpts, and more! So make sure you come back daily and see what book is in the spotlight next! And if you’ve missed any, be sure to click on the “Spring Into Reading” tab and look at the other posts!

Today I’m excited to share a book with you about life in China! I have always had a heart for missions work, and would love the opportunity to go out in the field, short term. But since that isn’t in the cards for me, I will enjoy learning about others, like Stephanie Chaloux. She shares her experience of living in China in her book, China Is Not For Everyone: But It Was My Home For A Decade. This book sounds right up my alley!


China Is Not for Everyone: But It Was My Home for a Decade by [Stephanie Chaloux]

I went through many changes when God called me to China. As the years passed, changes occurred in my language, daily habits, expectations, vocation, and Bible studies. Through all of these changes, God was faithful and led me along the path He’d prepared for me. It’s not that I was perfect, trust me I wasn’t. Missionaries are ordinary people, and you will get a glimpse into the highs and lows I experienced. Sometimes it’s only a glimpse because ten years of shopping experiences would be terribly dull. You’ll delve into six main areas: professional, ministry, holidays, culture, personal life, and moving back. As a tentmaking missionary, I was officially in China as a teacher, but my job often fed my ministry. The stories are thematically collected, although they can span a decade as they intertwine in the tapestry of life. Very few aspects of life are left entirely untouched because life happens overseas, just like it does in one’s own country. The packaging can be different, but it still happens. Therefore, the highlights are worthy of being shared. Going to a doctor or crossing the street are routine activities, but it doesn’t look the same in every country. These were my experiences while living in China.

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I know these can be difficult times for some going through a self-quarantine, but you will be through this! When I lived in China, I went through a couple of locked in moments. I wasn’t able to go about my life as I usually would. Other times I was isolated. Some of those were school-wide. Other times it was just the foreign teachers. They were for a time and a season, and then the restriction lifted life returned to normal. Do not be afraid as you go through this time of isolation. If you’re going stir crazy, think of a project or something you want to get done. It often helps to have a goal during these times of being locked away from others. I talk more about my experiences in chapters eleven and twelve of my book.

Remember this is for a time and a season do not lose heart. Christ has overcome the world (John 16:33) and He is here with you through this time!


Stephanie Chaloux

Stephanie Chaloux was an ESL teacher and missionary who served in China for a decade. Most of her ministry was to college students, but also taught K-12. Leading Bible studies and discipleship classes inher free time and sometimes at Chinese Bible Training Centers. She lived in Shanghai and moved to Leshan in Sichuan after the 2008 earthquake. Her favorite travel memories are watching a meteor shower on the Great Wall of China in Beijing and visiting New Zealand. After God called her back to the states, she serves at River Valley Ranch in full-time camping ministry. She’d love to hear from you at fb.me/ChinaIsNotForEveryone.


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If you could go anyplace in the world as a missionary, where would you go and why?

3 responses to “Spring Into Reading with China Is Not For Everyone

  1. April Morin

    I think I’d go to Alaska or Europe because I’ve never been to either and I think I could learn alot from either area.

  2. Danielle Hammelef

    I would go to Australia and help victims of the fires.

  3. Lelia (Lucy) Reynolds

    I would like to go to Africa if I was called as a missionary.