Top Ten Tuesdays – 10 Things about Noah Calhoun

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Hello readers! Welcome to Top Ten Tuesday, hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl! This week we are celebrating romance on Top Ten Tuesdays. There are so many different directions we could go with this. Swoon worthy moments, best heroes, best kisses….. I could go on and on. The problem is picking only ten. Out of all the books I’ve read, how can I chose only ten swoon worthy moments to be the best? Only ten heroes to be the best? It’s just impossible. So, to compromise, I have chosen one hero and I’m going to post the top ten things I like about him. 

Now, I do not steer away from the Christian fiction realm very often. But there is one author that I just can’t seem to stay away from. Nicholas Sparks. I love his books. They are full of romance, and cleaner then the movies (although confession time – I’ve seen them all). Don’t judge, we all have our thing. So, Mr. Sparks has created the most romantic character ever – Noah Calhoun from The Notebook.

The Notebook (The Notebook, #1)

Of all the books that were made into a movie, I felt this one was the best (except for the ending – but on the off chance you haven’t read the book, I won’t spoil it for you). Noah has some great qualities, I mean if you just kind of forget that Allie was engaged for a time when they were together. But let’s just put that aside and concentrate on Noah himself. Here are my favorite things about Noah:

  1. He remodeled a house for a woman that left him years ago. Not only did he remodel it, but it did it so it would turn out exactly how Allie would have wanted their home to be. What’s more romantic then that!?
  2. When they were older and Allie had memory problems, Noah read to her. She didn’t always know who he was, but he read to her just the same.
  3. Noah read poetry to Allie. Poetry. I mean, what guy does that? Enough said.
  4. Noah was not afraid to hurt Allie’s feelings. I know this may sound weird to you, but hear me out. I want a guy who isn’t afraid to tell me when I’m wrong. I want a guy who doesn’t walk on eggshells around me. He can tell me the truth about anything, and I will listen (sometimes calmly, and let’s face it – sometimes not!).
  5. He brought art back into Allie’s life. Art was something Allie loved when she was younger, but her mother kind of set it to the side and wanted her to concentrate on being “prim and proper”. But Noah, he brought it back for her. To her. **sigh**
  6. Everything he did was for Allie. He thought about her every moment of every day of his life. He loved her more than any man has ever loved a woman. I mean except my husband of course 😉 He loved her with everything he had and then some. **double sigh**
  7. Noah didn’t give up. When he first met her, Allie didn’t really give him the time of day. But that didn’t stop him. He was silly, bold, and utterly romantic.
  8. He wrote her letters when she left. Not just once in awhile letters. He wrote a letter Every. Single. Day. How romantic is that? Now, she may not have gotten them, but that doesn’t negate the romantic part of it.
  9. He gave her children. I think that is about the most romantic thing ever.
  10. Now, this one doesn’t come from this book. It comes from the sequel The Wedding. Noah feeds a swan and talks to it, because he thinks it’s Allie. Okay, this may be a little weird (obviously not something I believe in), but at the same time it’s kind of cute.

So there you have it. The one male character that I compare all male characters to. Books and on screen. Let’s face it, Ryan Gosling does a pretty good job in this movie! Who is one of your favorite male lead characters and why do you like them?


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  1. Kay Garrett

    Absolutely love the book and movie! Loved the way you detailed 10 of the most romantic things about it too.