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Today’s questions is –  What bible study are you currently doing?

Right now I am in the middle of an interesting bible study on the end times by David Jeremiah. I enjoy listening to his messages, and feel like he really brings out the truth of the bible, not what the world wants to hear. I have been fascinated by the end times since I read The Left Behind Series years ago, but never looked into it much. I knew this year I wanted to concentrate on bible studies rather than reading the bible in a year, so I picked up the following book……

I am really enjoying it and learning A LOT! He really goes into all different books of the bible during the lessons, not just Revelation, and that’s what does it for me I think. It is simply amazing how the bible all ties together, whether it’s Old Testament or New Testament. I’ve got about 12ish more lessons to go, so it’ll be a couple of weeks before I’m ready for my next study. It’s already picked out though, a Christmas present from a dear friend.

Forgiveness is a super hard topic for me, and I put off doing this study for that reason. But I can’t put it off anymore. Time to dive in, face my issues, and hopefully grow in my faith and relationship with God and others. 🙂

What about you? What bible study are you in the middle of right now!?

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2 responses to “Wondering Wednesdays – Current Bible Study

  1. Jackie L.

    Forgiving What You Can’t Forget definitely seems like the book I need to read. Currently I’m working through the book of Luke.

  2. I just got Forgiving What You Can’t Forget to start going through with a friend too <3 I'm currently part of a Bible study going through the book of Daniel too